Our First Year

On a Chair (12,688 bytes)Real Little (9,348 bytes)Super Sunday (7,726 bytes)
Onthe Grass (9,070 bytes)In the Tub (5,676 bytes)All Clean (3,878 bytes)
Also, All Clean (5,142 bytes)Rivke - All Clean (4,038 bytes)Ready For Bed (3,400 bytes)
Rivke and Hallie (3,706 bytes)Grandma Elain and a Very Tired Miri (3,875 bytes)Gandma Elaine and Rivke (3,798 bytes)
Miri Ready for Bed (3,645 bytes)Michael and Rivke (4,000 bytes)Great Grandma Pearl, Miri and Hallie (4,512 bytes)
Lauren, Miri and Great Grandpa Leo (5,315 bytes)Miri in Bermuda (24,432 bytes)Rivke and Grandma Elaine in Bermuda (31,462 bytes)
Miri and Hallie in Bermuda (29,806 bytes)Philip and Miri (20,503 bytes)Marlene and Miri on the Ship (26,195 bytes)

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