Mykonos - Rhodes

Rough day at sea (148kb) Mykonos (207kb) The view of Delos - where I was supposed to be visiting (152kb) Me and Andrea on Mykonos (165kb)
Mykonos, Greece (166kb) Our SHip - Legend of the Seas (139kb) Our Ship - again (116kb) Lunch?, way - Treif (155kb)
Debbie and Me (153kb) Me, Debbie and Ian (152kb) Lindos, Rhodes (147kb) DSCF2466.jpg (141kb)
DSCF2467.jpg (188kb) DSCF2469.jpg (254kb) DSCF2470.jpg (229kb) DSCF2471.jpg (213kb)
DSCF2472.jpg (120kb) DSCF2474.jpg (220kb) DSCF2476.jpg (132kb) DSCF2479.jpg (189kb)
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