Cyprus - Pryamids

Troodos Trekking, Cyprus (142kb) The trail (198kb) On the trail (169kb) Waterfall (294kb) Stu, Me, Sheri, Andy and Nicki (254kb)
Sheri & me in the waterfall (258kb) The town we stopped at for lunch (109kb) The Pryamids - from the bus (83kb) The Pryamids (88kb) Enough said (144kb)
I was there! (78kb) Me and some random Egyptian (89kb) Me at the Pyramids (77kb) Ta Da! (77kb) Me and Ian (73kb)
The Pyramids (76kb) Bruce and Me (69kb) Sheri and I at teh Pyramids (72kb) Me and Sheri -- on a Pyramids (201kb) Me at the Pyramid (192kb)
Look what I can do! (77kb) And I put the top there. (93kb) Sphynx (100kb) Sphynx (83kb) I am really F***ing here! (82kb)
Where we had lunch on the Nile (100kb) Sheri, Me and Mark -- on the Nile (73kb) Mohamad Ali Mosque (103kb) The Mosque (66kb) Return to Cruise 08 Page